Question: Perform assignments 5 6 7 9 10 or 11 using

Perform assignments 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, or 11 using your state's statutory and case law.
In each of the following exercises, the assignment is to prepare an office memo. Each assignment contains an assignment memo from the supervising attorney that includes all the available facts of the case. Complete the memo based on these facts. If additional facts are needed, note this in the recommendations section of the memo. When preparing the heading of each assignment, use "Supervising Attorney" in the "To" line, and put your name after the "From."
Following each assignment is a reference to the appliĀ¬cable enacted and case law. In some assignments, the case citation includes a reference only to the regional reporter citation; the state reporter citation is not included. Use only the citation presented in the assignment. The cases are presented in Appendix A.
The first time you cite the opinion, use the citation format you are given for the opinion in the assignment.
For Example
Britton v. Britton is cited in assignment 5 as 100 N.M. 424,671 P.2d 1135 (1983).
For Example
This is how you should cite this opinion the first time it is used in the memorandum. When you need to quote from an opinion in the memo, use a blank line to indicate the page number from which the quotation is taken.
Britton, 100 N.M. at ,671 P.2d at.
or Id. at 671 P.2d at .
Do not conduct additional research. Complete the assignment using the facts, enacted law, and case law contained in each assignment. For the purposes of the assignments, assume that the cases have not been overturned or modified by subsequent court decisions.

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