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  • You connect a light string to a point on the edge of a uniform vertical disk with radius R and mass M. The disk is free to rotate without friction about a stationary horizontal axis through its center Initially the disk is at rest with the string connection at the highest point on the disk. You pull the string with a constant horizontal f

  • The mechanism shown in Fig. 10.53 is used to raise a crate of supplies from a ship's hold. The crate has total mass 50 kg. A rope is wrapped I' around a wooden cylinder that turns on a metal axle. The cylinder has radius 0.25 m and moment of inertia I = 2.9 kg • m2 about the axle. The crate is suspended from the free end of the rope. On

  • A large 16.0-kg roll of paper with radius R = IS.O cm rests against the wall and is held in place by a bracket attached to a rod through the center of the 311 roll (Fig. 10.54). The rod turns without friction in the bracket, and the moment of inertia of the paper and rod about the axis is 0.260 kg • m2• The other end of the bracket is

  • A block with mass m = 5.00 kg slides down a surface inclined 36.90 to the horizontal (Fig. 10.55). The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.25. A string attached to the block is wrapped around a flywheel on a fixed axis at O. The flywheel has mass 25.0 kg and moment of inertia 0.500 kg • m2 with respect to the n axis of rotation. The st

  • Two metal disks, one with radius R, = 2.50 cm and mass M, = O.SO kg and the other with radius R2 = 5.00 cm and mass M2 = 1.60 kg, are welded toge1her and mounted on a frictionless axis through their chromo center, as in Problem 9.S9. (a) A light string is wrapped around the edge of the smaller disk, and a 1.50 kg block is suspended from

  • A lawn roller in the form of a thin-walled, hollow cylinder with mass M is pulled horizontally with a constant horizontal force F applied by a handle attached to the axle. If it rolls without slipping, find the acceleration and the friction force.

  • Two weights are connected by a very light flexible cord that passes over a 50.O-N fric1ionless pulley of radius 0.300 m. The pulley is a solid uniform disk and is supported by a hook connected to the ceiling (Fig. 10.56). What force does the ceiling exert on the hook?

  • A solid disk is rolling without slipping on a level surface at a constant speed of 2.50 m/s. (a) If the disk rolls up a 30.0" ramp, how far along the ramp will it move before it stops? (b) Explain why your answer in part (a) does not depend on either the mass or the radius of the disk.

  • The Yo-yo A yo-yo is made from two uniform disks, each with mass m and radius R, connected by a light axle of radius b. A light, thin string is wound several times around the axle and then held stationary while the yo-yo is released from rest, dropping as the string unwinds. Find the linear acceleration and angular acceleration of the yo-

  • A thin-walled, hollow spherical shell of mass m and radius r starts from rest and rolls without slipping down the track shown in Fig. 10.57. Points A and B are on a circular part of the track having radius R. The diameter of the shell is very small compared to ho and R, and rolling friction is negligible. (a) What is the minimum height