Please indicate whether each of the following statements is
(i) Always true, (ii) sometimes true or (iii) never true. For those that are sometimes
true, explain when/under what circumstances they are.
a. Accountants are in the best position to determine reward valence.
b. Both BPM and ERM require strong support from top management to be successful.
c. Both the COSO internal control and ERM frameworks include monitoring.
d. BPM projects result in lower costs because they use information technology strategically.
e. Companies should avoid external consultants at all costs in BPM projects.
f. Cost variance analysis can be used to analyze data in BPM.
g. In developing an ERM plan, managers should always attempt to reduce risk.
h. Production workers are in the best position to add value to a BPM project.
i. The COSO ERM framework is the only viable way of managing risk.
j. Vroom explained that human motivation depends on three factors.

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