Prepare Protect Discussion What are the hazards
Prepare & Protect - Discussion
• What are the hazards? How do we protect our people?
• Who is our team, internally and externally?
• How will we communicate? What if systems fail?
• How well do we communicate across Public Safety?
• What are our needs, for supplies, etc.?
• What are needs of employees and their families? How do we protect them?
• What are needs for protecting our organization?
• Who do we contact and inform, internally and externally?
• What can we do now to recover more quickly later?

Respond - Discussion
• Who’s in charge?
• What’s our plan?
• Evacuate or shelter-in-place?
• How do we identify who is still in the office or at work?
• How do we communicate? What systems are down?
• Who is the Point of Contact at local responders, government agencies, and other organizations?
• How do we coordinate casualty triage and transport
• What equipment do we need?
• How will we restore damaged services and systems?
• How will we notify employees, responders, neighbors, government, community, media, and others of emergency conditions?

Recover - Discussion
• What are long-term environmental effects?
• How could this affect our operations?
• How do we ensure continuity of operations (COOP)?
• Can we operate without municipal services or utilities?
• Do we have generators and other back-up utilities?
• What are our priorities?

Mitigate - Discussion
• What hazards have been identified in the community that pose a risk?
• What steps can we take to mitigate risks?
• What steps is the community taking to mitigate community-wide risks?
• How can our organization work with local officials?
• How can our organization engage Business leaders?

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