Question: Provide the necessary punctuation in the following sentences Note that

Provide the necessary punctuation in the following sentences. Note that not every box requires punctuation.
1. The system ( s (ser ( friendly design ( provides screen displays of work codes ( rates ( and client information.
2. Many other factors also shape the organization s image advertising ( brochures ( proposals ( stationery ( calling cards ( etc.
3. Charlotte Ford ( author of ( Charlotte Ford ( s ( Book of Modern Manners ( ( says ( ( Try to mention specifics of the conversation to fix the interview permanently in the interviewer ( s ( mind and be sure to mail the letter the same day before the hiring decision is made
4. What are your room rates and charges for food service
5. We will need accommodations for 150 people five meeting rooms one large room and four small ones coffee served during morning and afternoon breaks and lunches and dinners.
6. The Operational Readiness Inspection which occurs once every three years is a realistic exercise which evaluates the National Guard s ability to mobilize deploy and fight.
7. Most computer packages will calculate three different sets of percentages row percentages column percentages and table percentages
8. In today s economy it  s almost impossible for a firm to extend credit beyond it s regular terms.
9. The Department of Transportation does not have statutory authority to grant easements however  we do have authority to lease unused areas of highway right  of  way.
10. The program has two goals  to identify employees with promise  and to see that they get the training they need to advance.

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