Purpose To help you understand and compare the performance of
Purpose: To help you understand and compare the performance of two companies in the same industry.
Find the Bombardier Annual Report, Year Ended January 31, 2011, located in My Accounting Lab and go to the Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements on page 170. Now access The Boeing Company’s 2010 Annual Report. To do this from the internet, go to their webpage for the Investor Relations at http://www.boeing.com/companyoffices/ financial/quarterly.htm and, under Annual Report, go to the 2010 Annual Report.
Find the section in the notes for each company where the company discusses its Property, Plant, and Equipment, net. Also find the section where the company discusses Intangible Assets. Compare the two and note any major differences. Also examine the depreciation and amortization policies used by the two companies. What are some differences between these two companies related to these policies?
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