Record the following transactions in the General Ledger accounts of the Coleman County General Fund:
1. Coleman County levied its 20X7 property taxes on January 1, 20X7. The total tax levy was $80,000,000; 2% is expected to be uncollectible.
2. Coleman collected $55,000,000 of property taxes before the due date. The remaining taxes are past due.
3. Interest and penalties of $2,500,000 were assessed on the past due taxes; 6% is expected to be uncollectible.
4. Coleman County collected $20,000,000 of delinquent taxes and $2,000,000 of interest and penalties. At the end of 20X7, Coleman estimates that it will collect $3,000,000 of the delinquent taxes and $300,000 of the previously accrued interest and penalties in the first 60 days of 20X8. What amount of deferred inflows should the county report at December 31, 20X7, as a result of the above transactions?

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