Question: Refer to Exercise 20 10 Assume the economic lot size for

Refer to Exercise 20.10. Assume the economic lot size for small casings is 120,000 and that of the large casings is 40,000. Morrison Manufacturing sells an average of 9,600 small casings per workday and an average of 3,200 large casings per workday. It takes Morrison two days to set up the equipment for small or large casings. Once set up, it takes three workdays to produce a batch of small casings and five days for large casings. There are 250 workdays available per year.
1. What is the reorder point for small casings? Large casings?
2. Using the economic order batch size, is it possible for Morrison to produce the amount that can be sold of each casing? Does scheduling have a role here? Explain. Is this a push- or pull-through system approach to inventory management? Explain.

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