Question: Refer to Exercise 7 25 and allocate the joint costs using

Refer to Exercise 7.25 and allocate the joint costs using the sales-value-at-split-off method.
In exercise Alomar Company manufactures four products from a joint production process: barlon, selene, plicene, and corsol. The joint costs for one batch are as follows:
Direct materials.... $67,900
Direct labor ..... 34,000
Overhead ..... 25,500
At the split-off point, a batch yields 1,400 barlon, 2,600 selene, 2,500 plicene, and 3,500 corsol. All products are sold at the split-off point: barlon sells for $15 per unit, selene sells for $20 per unit, plicene sells for $26 per unit, and corsol sells for $35 per unit. Carry out all percent calculations to four significant digits.

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