Shaw is a lumber company that also manufactures custom cabinetry. It is made up of two divisions: Lumber and Cabinetry. The Lumber Division is responsible for harvesting and preparing lumber for use; the Cabinetry Division produces custom-ordered cabinetry. The lumber produced by the
Lumber Division has a variable cost of $2.00 per linear foot and full cost of $3.00. Comparable quality wood sells on the open market for $6.00 per linear foot.

1. Assume you are the manager of the Cabinetry Division. Determine the maximum amount you would pay for lumber.
2. Assume you are the manager of the Lumber Division. Determine the minimum amount you would charge for the lumber if you have excess capacity. Repeat assuming you have no excess capacity.
3. Assume you are the president of Shaw. Determine a mutually beneficial transfer price assuming there is excess capacity.
4. Explain the possible consequences of simply letting the two division managers negotiate a price.

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