Sparky Electric produces a special type of grounded outlet. The outlets are used in areas where water is likely to be present, such as kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor work areas, porches, pool-sides, workshops, and so forth. Sparky Electric has a policy to maintain as little inventory of Materials A and B as possible. For the quarter included in this analysis, there was no beginning or ending inventory of either material. Selected standard cost information is provided below:

The performance report for the third quarter of the year appears as follows (F indicates a favorable variance; U indicates an unfavorable variance):

A. How many units were produced during the quarter?
B. How many pounds of Material A were used during the quarter?
C. What was the actual price paid per pound for Material A during the quarter?
D. How many gallons of Material B were purchased during the quarter?
E. What was the actual price paid per gallon for Material B during the quarter?
F. How many actual labor hours were used during the quarter?
G. What was the actual wage rate per hour during thequarter?

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