The following is a list of eight control plans from
The following is a list of eight control plans from this chapter:
Control Plans
A. Limit checks
B. Tickler files
C. Public key cryptography
D. Compare input data with master data
E. Batch sequence check
F. One-for-one checking
G. Manual reconciliation of batch totals (hash totals)
H. Confirm input acceptance Listed here are 10 definitions or descriptions of control plans.
Definitions or Descriptions
1. Determines if a customer number has been input correctly.
2. Ensures that transmitted messages can be read only by authorized receivers.
3. A control plan that cannot be implemented unless source documents are prenumbered or numbered before input.
4. In systems where accountable documents are not used, this control plan helps ensure input completeness by informing the data entry person that data have been accepted for processing by the computer system.
5. Used to detect changes in batches of events to ensure the validity, completeness, and accuracy of the batch. Match the five definitions or descriptions with a control plan that best matches the definition. Because there are eight control plans, you should have three letters left over.

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