The following is a list of several terms Complete each
The following is a list of several terms. Complete each of the following statements with one of these terms. You may use a term more than once, and some terms may not be used at all.

a. The costs incurred for a particular product, regardless of the number of units or batches of the product produced, are known as _____.
b. _____ focuses on activities as fundamental building blocks in compiling the indirect costs of products, services, and customers.
c. _____ are costs incurred when defects in poor- quality goods or services are corrected before making delivery to customers.
d. _____ are incurred for every single unit of product produced.
e. Costs incurred when the company does not detect poor- quality goods or services ­until after delivery is made to customers are _____.
f. _____ are costs incurred no matter how many units, batches, or products are produced.
g. _____ is a Japanese word meaning “change for the better.”
h. Costs incurred to detect poor- quality goods or services are _____.
i. The rate of production needed to meet customer demand yet avoid overproduction is known as _____.
j. _____ is a storage system used to reduce the waste of transportation and movement, in which tools, materials, and equipment are stored in proximity to where they will be used most frequently.
k. _____ is a management philosophy of delighting customers with superior products and services by continually setting higher goals and improving every business function.
l. The time that elapses between the start of production and the product’s completion is known as _____.
m. _____ is the management philosophy and strategy focused on creating value for the customer by eliminating waste.
n. The costs incurred for every batch, regardless of the number of units in the batch, are known as _____.
o. Costs incurred to avoid poor- quality goods or services are _____.
p. Using activity- based costing information to make decisions that increase profits while satisfying customers’ needs is _____.
q. An acronym for the eight wastes is_____.
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