The paper Effect of Long Term Blood Pressure Control on Salt
The paper “Effect of Long-Term Blood Pressure Control on Salt Sensitivity” [Journal of Medicine (1997) 28: 147– 156] describes a study evaluating salt sensitivity (SENS) after a period of antihypertensive treatment. Ten hypertensive patients (diastolic blood pressure between 90 and 115 mmHg) were studied after at least 18 months on antihypertensive treatment. SENS readings, which were obtained before and after the patients were placed on an antihypertensive treatment, are given here.
a. Is there significant evidence that the mean SENS value decreased after the patient received antihypertensive treatment?
b. Estimate the size of the change in the mean SENS value.
c. Do the conditions required for using the t procedures appear to be valid for these data? Justify your answer.
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