Question: Which school of ethical thought is described in each of

Which school of ethical thought is described in each of the following independent
scenarios? Justify your choices.
a. Julie and Bart were talking over their progress in the accounting program at Big State University. Julie was annoyed at the number of students who cheated on exams and class projects in the program. She told Bart: “If prospective employers find out that cheating is so prevalent here, it will hurt my chances of getting a good job when I graduate—even if I don’t cheat!”
b. Maria is a certified fraud examiner. She is interviewing Rehan about missing inventory.
When Maria asked what should be done to the person who stole the inventory, Rehan replied: “They should be locked up and pay a hefty fine.”
c. Anita recently discovered that her co-worker Vicki was engaging in fraudulent activities that harmed their company. She went to her priest for guidance about what to do.
d. Gil is a financial analyst on Wall Street with an accounting and finance degree from Big
State University. In an interview for a popular magazine, he said “Everyone ‘cheats’ a little
when they forecast their financial statements. In the end, it’s probably okay because every-
body’s financial results are a little distorted that way.”

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