Job Posting Policy

Posting a Job:

The Job posting policy includes all the rules, policies, guidelines including the term and conditions. The site usage policy was last modified on 13-12-2014. Solution Inn reserves the right to revise or modify the policies at any time without any prior notice the users. We advise you to visit the policies page to be aware of the updates and modifications.

Client must follow these guidelines when posting a job or hiring freelancers:

  • Post jobs according to the work you require. Define the scope of the project, the deadlines for the completion, price of project and milestones (if any). Do not hesitate to contact customer support if you need any assistance in job posting.
  • Client must try to negotiate with the freelancer before hiring and answer questions asked by the freelancers.
  • Client must make clear all the requirements needed for the completion of job to the freelancer before hiring.
  • If any additional information, requirements, and tasks are defined after hiring and freelancer starts a dispute, client can lose the case in the process of dispute resolution.
  • Freelancers must only accept the proposals if they contain well-written descriptions about the project and if the skills of Freelancers match with those of the project requirements. Deliverables must be well defined and prior client reviews and feedbacks for the freelancer are positive.
  • You can evaluate and compare different proposals with standards you have set in your freelancer hunt like education, portfolio, experience, reviews, location, cost and communication style.
  • Ask the freelancer about their available hours, so no misunderstanding arises later on.
Prohibited Project posting:

By signing up to Solution Inn, you agree to abide by the following when posting any job or any information on the website:

  • You must not post any job, submit any proposal or share any information using Solution Inn that violates any applicable rules or laws of the U.S and any other country.
  • It is strictly prohibited to post any job which is fake, to post a job with the intentions to solicit free services, and to post only for seeking price information.
  • You must not request a freelancer to provide a case study or mock-ups of the job posted as a proof of eligibility and skills to consider proposal for approval.
  • You must not post any project that breaches the intellectual property rights or copyrights of any third party.
  • You must not post any content that infringes upon the user agreement of third party websites or privacy policies.
  • You must not post any adult or sexually explicit material in project posting or job posting.