Jubilee Corporation is preparing its balanced scorecard for the past
Jubilee Corporation is preparing its balanced scorecard for the past quarter. The balanced scorecard contains four perspectives: financial, customer, internal business process, and learning and growth. Through its strategic management planning process, Jubilee Corporation has selected two specific objectives for each of the four perspectives; these specific objectives are listed in the following table.
Specific Objective
1. Increase gross margin.
2. Improve post- sales service.
3. Improve employee product knowledge.
4. Increase customer retention.
5. Develop new core products.
6. Increase market share.
7. Increase sales of core product line.
8. Improve employee job satisfaction.

Jubilee Corporation has collected key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress toward achieving its specific objectives. The following table contains the KPIs and corresponding data that Jubilee Corporation has collected for the past quarter.

Requirement Prepare a balanced scorecard report for Jubilee Corporation, using the following format.

For each of the specific objectives listed, place that objective under the appropriate perspective heading in the report. Select a KPI from the list of KPIs that would be appropriate to measure progress toward each objective. (There are two specific objectives for each perspective and one KPI for each of the specific objectives.) In the last column in the balanced scorecard report, place a check mark if the associated KPI goal has beenachieved.
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