There are four fake brand extensions among the following list; the other six were marketed at one point. Can you identify the four fakes?
a. Ben-Gay Aspirin: Pain relief that comes with a warm glow
b. Burberry Baby Stroller: For discriminating newborns
c. Smith & Wesson Mountain Bikes: Ride without fear
d. Atlantic City Playing Cards: Talcum-Coated for easy shuffling
e. Pond’s Toothpaste: Reduces the appearance of fine wines
f. Slim Jim Beef-Flavored Throat Lozenges: For meat lovers who like to sing Karaoke
g. Frito-Lay Lemonade: A tangy, crunchy thirst quencher
h. Cosmo Yoghurt: Spoon it up, slim down those thighs
i. Richard Simmons Sneakers: Shake your cute little booty to the oldies
j. Madonna Condoms: For men who are packing

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