By the end of the first decade of the twenty first
By the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, the anti-junk food movement had really begun to take hold in the U.S. Of particular concern was the sale of junk food through vending machines in schools. The easy availability of salty snacks, candy and sodas made easily available from the machines provided a level of temptation that was just too enticing for many students to resist. But could vending machine channels that worked so effectively to sell junk food in schools work just as well for selling healthier foods? This is the question that Stony- field Farm, a Londonderry, New Hampshire maker of organic yogurt, is seeking the answer to by putting health-food vending machines in a number of New England high schools. Stony field is betting that attractive displays of healthy snacks and the convenience provided by vending machines will prove to be just as effective in enticing students to buy healthy foods as they were in getting them to buy junk foods. Do you think the vending machine channel will work for healthy foods as well as this channel worked to sell junk food to students? Why or why not?
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