On the basis of the data and analysis presented in
On the basis of the data and analysis presented in Chapter 5, what kind of buying behavior would you expect to find for the following products: ( a ) a haircut, ( b ) a shampoo, ( c ) a digital camera, ( d ) a tennis racket, ( e ) a dress belt, ( f ) a cell phone, ( g ) life insurance, ( h ) an ice cream cone, and ( i ) a new checking account? Set up a chart for your answer with products along the left-hand margin as the row headings and the following factors as headings for the columns: ( a ) how consumers would shop for these products, ( b ) how far they would travel to buy the product, ( c ) whether they would buy by brand, ( d ) whether they would compare with other products, and ( e ) any other factors they should consider. Insert short answers—words or phrases are satisfactory—in the various boxes. Be prepared to discuss how the answers you put in the chart would affect each product’s marketing mix.
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