1. In what ways might culture influence how responsive Happy

1. In what ways might culture influence how responsive Happy Time Toys is to competitor threats?

2. How are ethics illustrated in these videos? What is the best way to ensure decisions are made ethically?

3. Based on the chapter, what other suggestions would you make to change the culture to enhance responsiveness to the environment and why would you suggest them?

Imagine attending a meeting with your boss and two coworkers to discuss declining sales for a previously popular product. A competitor introduced a similar but better product that has been taking your market share. The company knew about the competitor's product, but underestimated the threat.

Happy Time Toys wants to make sure it recognizes potential threats faster in the future. What do you say or do? Go to this chapter's "Now What?" video, watch the challenge video, and choose a response. Be sure to also view the outcomes of the two responses you didn't choose. One of the stated solutions is to conduct a competitor analysis and an after action review (AAR). This is a structured review or debriefing process that is used to analyze positive and negative outcomes of an action. The steps include analyzing:

(a) What should have happened;

(b) What actually happened; and

(c) How the systems or process can be improved. A competitor analysis is related but focuses on an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors.

OB Concepts Applied: resistance to change; after action review; organizational learning; ethics?


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