1. Review the five stages of customer loyalty shown in Figure 4-4 and prepare a report of...


1. Review the five stages of customer loyalty shown in Figure 4-4 and prepare a report of about 200 words in which you classify MMB's customers. Estimate the percentage of MMB customers who fall into each of the five categories. Support your classification with logic and evidence from the case narrative.
2. In a report of about 200 words, recommend an e-mail marketing strategy for MMB. In your recommendation, consider the results of MMB's earlier print mail advertising campaign, your answer to the first requirement, and the potential offered by permission marketing.
3. In about 300 words, explain how MMB could use viral marketing to gain new customers and cement its relationships with existing customers. In your answer, be sure to discuss features that MMB should include on its Web site to support the viral marketing initiative.
4. Prepare a report of about 500 words in which you outline an affiliate marketing strategy for MMB. Include a description of the types of Web sites that MMB should attempt to recruit as affiliates, and present at least five examples of specific sites that would be good referral sources.
Jerry Singleton founded Montana Mountain Biking (MMB) 18 years ago. MMB offers one-week guided mountain biking expeditions based in four Montana locations. Most of MMB's new customers hear about the company and its tours from existing customers. Many of MMB's customers come back every year for a mountain biking expedition; about 80 percent of the riders on any given expedition are repeat customers.
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