1. Tom Courtney, a student looking for summer employment, started a dog-walking service. He picks up the dog while its...


1. Tom Courtney, a student looking for summer employment, started a dog-walking service. He picks up the dog while its owner is at work and returns it after a walk.
2. Joseph Counsel and Sacra Sulkies each own a bike shop. They have decided to combine their businesses and try to expand their operations to include snowboards. They expect that in the coming year they will need funds to expand their operations.
3. Three chemistry professors have formed a business that uses bacteria to clean up toxic waste sites. Each has contributed an equal amount of cash and knowledge to the venture. The use of bacteria in this situation is experimental, and legal obligations could result.
4. Abdu Graham has run a successful but small organic food store for over five years. The increased sales at his store have made him believe the time is right to open a chain of organic food stores across the country. Of course, this will require a substantial investment for inventory and equipment, as well as for employees and other resources. Abdu has minimal personal savings.
5. Evelyn Church, Amana Abu, and Brenda Gory have recently passed their professional accounting exams.
They have decided to start an accounting practice in their hometown.
(a) In each case, explain what form of organization the business is likely to take: proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. Give reasons for your choice.
(b) In each case indicate what accounting standards, IFRS or ASPE, the business is likely to use in its financial statements. Give reasons for your choice.
TAKING IT FURTHER frequently, individuals start a business as a proprietorship and later incorporate the business. What are some of the advantages of doing this?

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Accounting Principles Part 1

ISBN: 978-1118306789

6th Canadian edition

Authors: Jerry J. Weygandt, Donald E. Kieso, Paul D. Kimmel, Barbara Trenholm, Valerie Kinnear, Joan E. Barlow

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