1. You be the judge. Who is right in this case, the company or the two employees?...


1. You be the judge. Who is right in this case, the company or the two employees?
2. You be the manager. What should the managers at Houston’s have done when they learned about the negative comments on MySpace?
3. You be the ethics specialist. How ethical were the managers in looking in the MySpace comments? How ethical were the employees in posting negative comments about their employer and its patrons on MySpace?
4. You be the Internet researcher. What was the eventual outcome of this case?
5. To what extent is Karen St. Jean a backstabber?

A case is brewing in federal court in New Jersey that pits bosses against two employees who were complaining about their workplace on an invite-only discussion group on MySpace.com.
The case tests whether a supervisor who managed to log into the forum—and then fired employees who bad-mouthed supervisors and customers there—had the right to do so. The case has some legal and privacy experts concerned that companies are intruding into areas that their employees had considered off limits. The question is whether employees have a right to privacy in their non-work-created communications with each other.

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