(a) For the distillation column shown in Figure, determine the

(a) For the distillation column shown in Figure, determine the number of independent design variables.
(b) It is suggested that a feed consisting of 30% A, 20% B, and 50% C, all in moles, at 37.8oC and 689 kPa, be processed in the unit of Figure, consisting of a 15-plate, 3-m-diameter column that is designed to operate at vapor velocities of 0.3 m/s and an L/V of 1.2. The pressure drop per plate is 373 Pa at these conditions, and the condenser is cooled by plant water at 15.6oC. The product specifications in terms of the concentration of A in the distillate and C in the bottoms have been set by the process department, and the plant manager has asked you to specify a feed rate for the column. Write a memorandum to the plant manager pointing out why you can't do this, and suggest some alternatives.

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