A question on the General Social Survey was, When you

A question on the General Social Survey was, "When you drink, how many drinks do you have?" The survey was administered to a random sample of 243 adult Americans aged 21 or older. Go to www.pearsonhighered.com/sullivanstats to obtain the data file 9_2_50 using the file format of your choice for the version of the text you are using.

(a) What type of variable is "number of drinks"?

(b) Draw a histogram of the data and comment on the shape of the distribution.

(c) Determine the mean and standard deviation for number of drinks.

(d) What is the mode number of drinks?

(e) What is the probability a randomly selected individual consumes two drinks?

(f) Would it be unusual to observe an individual who consumes at least eight drinks? Why?

(g) Describe the shape of the distribution of the sample mean number of drinks. What is the source of variability in the sampling distribution?

(h) Construct a 95% confidence interval for the mean number of drinks. Interpret this interval?

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