As an auditor for the CPA firm of Gratis and Goode, you encounter the following situations in


As an auditor for the CPA firm of Gratis and Goode, you encounter the following situations in auditing different clients.
1. JR Corporation is a closely held corporation whose stock is not publicly traded. On December 5, the corporation acquired land by issuing 5,000 shares of its $10 par value common stock. The owners' asking price for the land was $138,000, and the fair value of the land was $124,000.
2. Novak Corporation is a publicly held corporation whose common stock is traded on the securities markets. On June 1, it acquired land by issuing 20,000 shares of its $10 par value stock. At the time of the exchange, the land was advertised for sale at $250,000.
The stock was selling at $11 per share.

Prepare the journal entries for each of the situations above.

Common Stock
Common stock is an equity component that represents the worth of stock owned by the shareholders of the company. The common stock represents the par value of the shares outstanding at a balance sheet date. Public companies can trade their stocks on...
A Corporation is a legal form of business that is separate from its owner. In other words, a corporation is a business or organization formed by a group of people, and its right and liabilities separate from those of the individuals involved. It may...
Par Value
Par value is the face value of a bond. Par value is important for a bond or fixed-income instrument because it determines its maturity value as well as the dollar value of coupon payments. The market price of a bond may be above or below par,...
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