A block of copper of mass 2.00 kg

A block of copper of mass 2.00 kg (Cp, m = 24.44 T K-I mol-1) and temperature O°C is introduced into an insulated container in which there is 1.00 mol H20 (g) at 100°C and 1.00 atm.

(a) Assuming all the steam is condensed to water, what will be the final temperature of the system, the heat transferred from water to copper, and the entropy change of the water, copper, and the total system?

(b) In fact, some water vapour is present at equilibrium. From the vapour pressure of water at the temperature calculated in (a), and assuming that the heat capacities of both gaseous and liquid water are constant and given by their values at that temperature, obtain an improved value of the final temperature, the heat transferred, and the various entropies. (Hint you will need to make plausible approximations.)


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