Bob, a sales representative for Central Computer Co., occasional

Bob, a sales representative for Central Computer Co., occasionally uses the Internet to obtain information about his customers and to look for new sales leads. While visiting the Web site of Marketing World, Inc., Bob is presented with an on-screen message that offers, “To improve your ability to make deals, read our monthly online magazine, Sales Genius, available at a subscription rate of $15 a month. To subscribe, fill in your name, company name, and e-mail address below, and click ‘YES!’ By clicking ‘YES!’ you agree to the terms of the subscription contract. To read this contract, click ‘TERMS.’ ” Among those terms is a clause that allows Marketing World to charge interest for subscription bills not paid within a certain time. The terms also prohibit subscribers from copying or distributing part or all of Sales Genius in any form. Bob subscribes without reading the terms. Marketing World later files a suit against Bob based on his failure to pay for his subscription. Should the court hold that Bob is obligated to pay interest on the amount? Explain.