A boron-doped carbon

A boron-doped carbon was prepared by adding 0.1 wt % B to a graphitized carbon black (Monarch 700, Cabot Corp.) and then heat treating this material, designated BC-1, at 2773 K under Ar [71,72]. Its surface area was determined by measuring N2 adsorption at 80 K and using the BET equation (Eqa. 3.4). The equilibrium N2 uptakes versus the pressure are listed in the table below. What is the surface area of this carbon? If the heat of liquefaction for N2 is 1:34 kcal mole-1, what is the estimated heat of adsorption in the first monolayer? The Po value for N2 at the actual temperature measured was Po = 732
Torr (760 Torr = 1 atom).
N2 physisorption on carbon (from ref. 73)


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