Five- step decision- making process, manufacturing. Tadeski Foods makes frozen

Five- step decision- making process, manufacturing. Tadeski Foods makes frozen dinners that it sells through grocery stores. Typical products include turkey, pot roast, fried chicken, and meatloaf. The managers at Tadeski have recently proposed a line of frozen chicken pies. They take the following actions to help decide whether to launch the line.

a. Tadeski’s test kitchen prepares a number of possible recipes for a consumer focus group.

b. Sales managers estimate they will sell more chicken pies in their northern sales territory than in their south-ern sales territory.

c. Managers discuss the possibility of introducing a new chicken pie.

d. Managers compare actual costs of making chicken pies with their budgeted costs.

e. Costs for making chicken pies are budgeted.

f. The company decides to introduce a new chicken pie.

g. To help decide whether to introduce a new chicken pie, the company researches the costs of potential ingredients.


Classify each of the actions (a– g) as a step in the five- step decision- making process (identify the problem and uncertainties; obtain information; make predictions about the future; make decisions by choosing among alternatives; implement the decision, evaluate performance, and learn). The actions are not listed in the order they are performed.


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