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Fauvism-Fauve means wild beasts
How do you feel when you look at Dance (fig.32.13).
Describe Matisse's style.
In what ways did the choreography of Merce Cunningham (p.88-89) break with that of such predecessor as Martha Graham (24-25)?
Please watch the film: Les Demoiselles D'Davignon (front page of site).
Write a summary and a reaction (two seperate paragraphs) .Include the influences at work on Picasso's art work.(Read pp.5-10 of text)for explanations of cubism, assemblages and collage.
Make It New--Explain the idea and the movement of Futurism in Umberto Boccioni's Unigue Forms of Continuity in Space and Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase (fig. 32.9 and 32.11).
What experiences are being evoked in Brancusi's Bird in Space and Edward Weston's Two Shells?
Which non-objective piece is your favorite? Panel for Edwin Campbell (fig.32.16) or Malevich's Suprematist Composition (fig.32.17), or the Mondrian offerings (figs. 32.18 & 32.19).
What is Bauhaus?
Explain- form follows function- in the architecture presented by Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier (figs. 32.22 & 32.23 & 32.25).
Surrealism is a movement devoted to expressing in the conscious life, the workings of the unconscious mind. There are no rational controls on words or images.
What were the aims of the surrealists, as defined by Breton in the first "Surrealist Manifesto"?
Which of the Surrealist artists "speak" to your own subconscious life most directly and why? Could it be Picasso-Dali-Magritte-Miro-Kahlo?
What is the difference between social realism and socialistic realism?
Cite examples for each.
Social realism
Explain "less is more", a credo of Ludwig Mies van du Rohe and "form follows function" followed by Sullivan and Wright. Give examples
Now watch the film on Rothko. Your reaction paper to the film will include the following:
Study the color field painting, Untitled, by Mark Rothko (fig.35.6).
Immediately write down your first impressions...whatever comes to mind Use phrases, such as- what is it- etc.
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