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Total War-Totalitarianism and the Arts.
The twentieth century has been molded in the crucible of two world wars and numerous totalitarian dictatorships. Why are World War I and II "total wars"?
What did the architecture in the late 20th century represent and reflect?
Read 6.13 The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot.
Describe J. Alfred Prufrock's personality.
Is he an anti-hero? (pg. 72)
What problem with rubber had to be overcome before it could be widely used? Whose inventions helped to overcome these problems?
What caused Spain's and Portugal's diminished sea power in the seventeenth century? Why did this cause diminished sea power?
In what way could African slaves maintain a degree of control over their situation as salves and their being forced to live a foreign culture?
After having freed the slaves in 1794, why did Napoleon wish to re-institute slavery in the West Indies in 1801?
Why would the printing press have contributed so heavily to ending the Region of secrecy? What other effects did the printing press have during this period?
Why was employment as domestic servants highly satisfactory for Irish immigrants to the United States in the 1840s and 1850s?
Explain the term "proto-industrialization."?
What were the three historical factors in the twentieth century contributing to the world's loss of confidence in the West, and why did they result in a loss of confidence in Western systems and values?
Why was Turkey an important ally to Germany in World War II?
What did owners hope to achieve in forming baseball's National league? What practices did they wish to curb?
What did beliefs about God and Satan have to do with the witch crazes of seventeenth century, one of which was the Salem witch Trials? What changed to bring about an end to witch trials all over the world?
The English established the British East India Company with sloe intent of trading, yet they were eventually drawn into the competition to amass an army. What prompted the British to become militarily involved in India and what kind of effect did it have in their trade?
How can you link "The Response of Slaves" to "Anti-Slavery and French Revolution"? What was the response of slaves? What effect might "Response" have on the slave rebellion in Saint Domingue?
Consider the definition of civilization provided by our textbook. Which aspect do you consider the most important and why? In your opinion, which of the ancient civilizations discussed in the Introduction and Chapter 1 was the "most civilized", why?

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