I think Ill be able to remember most everything he does, says Ceci Awll. Ceci is about to interview Biff


“I think I’ll be able to remember most everything he does,” says Ceci Awll. Ceci is about to interview Biff Welldon, vice president of strategic planning of OK Corral, a steak restaurant chain with 130 locations. “I mean, I’ve got a good memory. I think it’s much more important to listen to what he says than to observe what he does anyway.” As one of your systems analysis team members, Ceci has been talking with you about the desirability of writing down her observations of Biff’s office and activities during the interview.
a. In a paragraph, persuade Ceci that listening is not enough in interviews and that observing and recording those observations are also important.
b. Ceci seems to have accepted your idea that observation is important but still doesn’t know what to observe. Make a list of items and behaviors to observe, and in a sentence beside each behavior, indicate what information Ceci should hope to gain through observation of it.

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