In the bleachers. Youre a prince, George! Mike exclaimed. Who else would give me a ticket to


In the bleachers.
“You’re a prince, George!” Mike exclaimed. “Who else would give me a ticket to the big game?”
“No one, Mike, no one.”
“Let me offer my thanks. I’ll buy you a beer!”
“Ah,” George said. “A large beer would hit the spot right now.”
“Small. Let me buy you a small beer.”
“Ah, well, good enough.”
Mike stood and took his wallet from his pocket. He was distressed to find a very small number of bills inside. “There’s bad news, George!” he said.
“What’s that?”
“I can’t buy you the beer, George.”
George considered that for a moment. “I’ll tell you what, Mike,” he said. “If you march to the concession stand right this minute and get me my beer, I won’t punch you in the face.”
“It’s a deal!” Mike said.
Discuss the consideration issues raised by this exchange.

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