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What is multiple sclerosis?
Where does Multiple Sclerosis occur in the nervous system?
What is a lesion?
What is a plaque?
What is white matter?
What is myelin?
What are “oligos?”
What causes the inflammation in the plaque?
What is a macrophage?
How do the white blood cells get into the brain and spinal cord?
Can inflammation and plaques be stopped?
At what age do people get Multiple Sclerosis?
Does Multiple Sclerosis affect people of different races differently?
How does latitude affect Multiple Sclerosis?
What are the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?
Which symptoms are most common?
Why am I so fatigued?
How long do the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis last?
Is my stuttering due to my Multiple Sclerosis?
How severe are attacks of Multiple Sclerosis
Can I go blind with Multiple Sclerosis?
What causes walking difficulty in Multiple Sclerosis?
How is a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis made?
What is a “clinically isolated syndrome or CIS?”
What are the actual new “McDonald diagnostic criteria” that neurologists use to make a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis?
Is there a genetic reason why some people have severe disease?
I read that toxins can cause Multiples Sclerosis. Is this true? Can I be detoxified?
Why do veterans have more Multiples Sclerosis?
Why do veterans have more Multiples Sclerosis? Discuss.
Can stress cause Multiples Sclerosis?
Can accidents bring on attacks of Multiples Sclerosis?
What kinds of Multiple Sclerosis exist?
If I have relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis, can I get progressive?
What is chronic progressive Multiple Sclerosis?
What is spinal Multiple Sclerosis?
Who gets progressive disease without attacks?
How will I know whether I will get progressive disease?
Do all people with Multiple Sclerosis become disabled?
How long will it be before I will be disabled?
Why do some people get worse so quickly? Will I?
Is memory affected with Multiple Sclerosis?
How long will I be able to walk? Will I get paralyzed and end up in a wheelchair?
Will I regain my bladder control?
What causes Multiple Sclerosis?
Do viruses cause Multiple Sclerosis?
What does herpes (virus) have to do with Multiple Sclerosis?
My doctor told me that I have antibody to the Epstein-Barr virus. Why do I have this antibody if I have Multiple Sclerosis?
What is the importance of HSV-6 in Multiple Sclerosis?
Is chlamydia a cause of Multiple Sclerosis?
What is the role of the immune system in Multiple Sclerosis?
What is autoimmunity?
Do antibodies cause Multiple Sclerosis?
What causes an Multiples Sclerosis plaque?
Is there a connection between virus infection and autoimmune disease?
Is Multiple Sclerosis hereditary?
Will my children get Multiples Sclerosis?
What are genes? What genes cause Multiples Sclerosis?
Now that I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, how do I learn to cope with this disease?
What do I need to know now that I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis?
So many people want to be helpful, but I’m feeling overwhelmed and am not sure whether the information I am getting is correct. Where should I go for help?
I’m having trouble coping with this diagnosis. Should I seek professional counseling?
Are there any Multiple Sclerosis “groups” that I can look into for additional help?
How does Multiple Sclerosis affect sexual function?
Does Viagra help with impotence in Multiple Sclerosis?
Are there treatments for loss of genital sensation?
How can I get my wife pregnant if I am impotent?
Can pregnancy bring on Multiple Sclerosis? What are the chances of an attack during pregnancy? Is it true that attacks are more severe after delivery?
Can pregnancy in a woman with Multiple Sclerosis harm the unborn child?
What are the treatments for Multiple Sclerosis?
Do “folk remedies” such as snake venom and bee venom treatments work?
Is there anything I can do about my overwhelming fatigue?
What can I do about getting rid of this stiffness in my legs? What is the best treatment for spasticity?
Is it true that baclofen can be injected? How does that work?
Is it true that Botox injections can be used to treat spasticity?
Why do some patients with Multiple Sclerosis become unable to urinate when they have to urinate all day and night?
How are Multiple Sclerosis attacks treated? Why are there different drugs to treat attacks of Multiple Sclerosis?
What is ACTH?
Why aren’t drugs used together to get a better effect?
How do these drugs compare?
Why should I take drugs that have side effects?
What are the side effects of the drugs that are used for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis attacks? Are cataracts a result of steroid use? Is osteoporosis a complication of Multiple Sclerosis?
Why do I go crazy with steroids?
How do the side effects compare?
I don’t want steroids. Are other treatments available for Multiple Sclerosis attacks?
Why are IV steroids given for attacks of Multiple Sclerosis?
Are there treatments to prevent attacks and lessen risk of disability?
Is there treatment that stops Multiple Sclerosis?
Would starting the ABC drugs prevent progression of Multiple Sclerosis? Will it really make a difference?
How do these drugs compare? Discuss.
How do (approved) drugs used in Multiple Sclerosis prevent attacks?
Why aren’t drugs used together to get a better effect? Discuss.
What is Tysabri, and why was the drug withdrawn from the market?
What are the side effects of the drugs that are used to prevent attacks? Why should I take drugs that have side effects? How do the side effects compare?
What is “the vaccine for Multiple Sclerosis?”
Is there going to be a vaccine for Multiple Sclerosis?
What does alternative medicine have to offer?
Is hypnotism helpful in Multiple Sclerosis?
Is biofeedback useful in Multiple Sclerosis?
Is there a cure for Multiple Sclerosis in the near future?
What is the future?
Where can I get more information about Multiple Sclerosis?
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