(Multiple-Choice Questions) 1. A principal will not be liable to

(Multiple-Choice Questions)
1. A principal will not be liable to a third party for a tort committed by an agent:
A. Unless the principal instructed the agent to commit the tort
B. Unless the tort was committed within the scope of the agency relationship
C. If the agency agreement limits the principal’s liability for the agent’s tort
D. If the tort is also regarded as a criminal act

2. Dorris works in Morris’s pet shop. She would not be liable for the following activity:
A. When a salesperson offers to sell the shop a rare parrot, Dorris buys it for her own account instead.
B. Dorris got drunk and did obscene parrot imitations in the window of the pet shop.
C. Morris has been trying to acquire a broad-headed snake for years, but they are an endangered species and therefore cannot be sold. Dorris hates snakes, so she refuses to buy a broad-headed snake when it is offered for sale to the shop.
D. Dorris tells Morris that there are only 10 gerbils in the shop when really there are 20.
E. The rhesus monkey needed to take his medication every morning. Dorris forgot one day and the monkey died.

3. Someone painting the outside of a building you own crashed through a window, injuring a visiting executive. Which of the following questions would your lawyer not need to ask to determine if the painter was your employee?
A. Did the painter work full-time for you?
B. Had you checked the painter’s references?
C. Was the painter paid by the hour or the job?
D. Were you in the painting business?
E. Did the painter consider herself your employee?

4. Which of the following duties does an agent not owe to her principal?
A. Duty of loyalty
B. Duty to obey instructions
C. Duty to reimburse
D. Duty of care
E. Duty to provide information

5. Which of the following activities committed by an agent is not likely to create liability for the principal?
A. A car accident while driving to work
B. Accidentally spilling a glass of water in the company cafeteria, causing another employee to fall
C. Beating up a visitor because he was rude to the company receptionist
D. A truck accident while driving drunk in the middle of the workday
E. Accidentally catching the building on fire while taking a smoking break


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