On November 9, Jane Jones writes a check for $5,000

On November 9, Jane Jones writes a check for $5,000 payable to Ralph Rodgers in payment for goods to be received later in the month. Before the close of business on November 9, Jane notifies the bank by telephone to stop payment on the check. On December 19, Ralph gives the check to Bill Briggs for value and without notice. On December 20, Bill deposits the check in his account at Bank A. On December 21, Bank A sends the check to its correspondent, Bank B. On December 22, Bank B presents the check through the clearinghouse to Bank C. On December 23, Bank C presents the check to Bank P, the payer bank. On December 28, the payer bank makes payment of the check final. Is Jane Jones’ stop payment order effective against the payer bank? Explain.


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