Repeat Prob. 340 for a = 6 mm, b = 18 mm, d = 12 mm, and


Repeat Prob. 3€“40 for a = 6 mm, b = 18 mm, d = 12 mm, and F = 4 kN.
Repeat Prob. 3€“40, A pin in a knuckle joint carrying a tensile load F deflects somewhat on account of this loading, making the distribution of reaction and load as shown in part (b) of the figure. A common simplification is to assume uniform load distributions, as shown in part (c). To further simplify, designers may consider replacing the distributed loads with point loads, such as in the two models shown in parts d and e. If a = 0.5 in, b = 0.75 in, d = 0.5 in, and F = 1000 lbf, estimate the maximum bending stress and the maximum shear stress due to V for the three simplified models.

Repeat Prob. 3€“40 for a = 6 mm, b =

Compare the three models from a designer€™s perspective in terms of accuracy, safety, and modelingtime.

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