Energy as a source to utilize in daily life exists among the earths natural resources. Energy is


Energy as a source to utilize in daily life exists among the earth’s natural resources. Energy is found in the wind, and the sun. It is extracted by wind turbines from wind to generate electricity and to charge batteries. Heat produced by sunlight covert by solar cells directly into electricity which can provide power. Portable emergency power source is a device or application is a phenomenon of dual system that is used to for mutual supplementation of solar and wind power. Batteries can be charged in this mechanism with the help of electric power generated by the two sources wind and solar. This state of the art design of device has the ability to change over the source several times with its own source and most capable to select either the solar or the wind power in accordance to the geographical condition of the remote area. The major components of this portable device are consists of a mast mounted wind generator and photo-voltaic solar-cell array along with an inverter unit to convert DC power to AC power and lead-acid storage batteries. Additionally various number of fuse, junction boxes and associated wiring, and test instruments for measuring voltages, currents and harmonic contamination data throughout the system and power factors. In this project design different factors are considerably like behavior of two renewable energy conversion devices, a wind turbine and a solar system is explained. This particular machine was build and performed for effectiveness of the systems. Portable emergency power source solar-wind power generating system is broadly used to demonstrate electrical concepts.

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Table of contents

Wind power
Horizontal axis
Vertical axis
Micro Wind Turbine
Solar Power
Solar cell
Photovoltaic module
Crystalline Silicon
Wind/Solar portable System
Wind/Solar schematic design of portable system
Solar panel
Mini wind turbine charger
Charge Controller & inverter
Solar and wind controller
Battery bank
Power unit
Output box
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