Scenario: It has been a week since your bout of

Scenario: It has been a week since your bout of Salmonella food poisoning, and you may never look at an egg salad sandwich the same way again. Your fever has gone down, you’re starting to feel better, and you have started eating normal foods again. In your microbiology class, you are studying the specific immune response; and you start to ponder how your immune system has reacted to the infection. You have learned through your sad experience that Salmonella infects the gut mucosa and may gain entry to the bloodstream. Fill in the following flowchart to outline the components of your immune system that have been activated as a result of its encounter with Salmonella.

1. Which cells produce antibodies?
2. Which cells activate antibody production?
3. What antibody type is produced first?
4. What antibody type found in the blood is produced later in the infection?
5. What antibody type would be found in the gut mucosa to fight Salmonella?
6. How will your immune system remember your encounter withSalmonella?


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