Should BWNS try to win back NLPs business at this time? How could Brown eventually win back


Should BWNS try to win back NLP’s business at this time? How could Brown eventually win back NLP’s business? What should he do?


Reggie Brown, B&W Nuclear Service Companys (BWNS) project manager for Nita Light and Powers Green Meadow plant, reflected on the dilemma that had plagued him for over a year. His team had completed an outage for Green Meadow in October 1989. The project was originally designed as a fixed-price contract. Delays and an expanded scope, however, forced the outage to be changed to a time-and-materials job with a final price that was significantly higher than the original contract price. Now it was December 1990, well over a year after the completion of the outage, and the bill had still not been paid in full. Insisting that it was not responsible for the enormous overrun, the utility refused to pay what BWNSs Special Products and Integrated Services Division was charging. Brown knew that maintaining a good relationship with the customer had to take priority over getting the bill paid.

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