Default Payment Instruction


When the students purchase any of SoliutionInn’s products or services, SolutionInn Default Payment Instructions apply. Student’s user digital signature at the time of sign up confirms the acceptance of these default payment instructions. SolutionInn may revise these instructions at any time without giving the users any prior notice. It is advised to students to review terms and conditions frequently.

Membership Payments

When a student purchases one of the membership plans (monthly or quarterly), as per default payment instructions SolutionInn will automatically charge student’s default payment method for membership renewal fee at the end of current membership period. These instructions will not be applicable when the membership is cancelled or auto-renewal feature is turned off by student.

If a student activates a trial membership plan, SolutionInn will automatically upgrade the trial membership plan into a monthly membership plan by charging the default payment source for membership up gradation fee at the end of trial membership period.

Hiring Tutor on a Project

When a student hires a tutor against the tutor’s proposed amount, SolutionInn is authorized to charge the default payment method of student in order to complete the hiring process. In case of SolutionInn does not receive payment or the payment is declined for any reason, the hiring process will not be completed until SolutionInn receives the payment. For such reasons which are beyond our control, as per default payment instructions SolutionInn might take several attempts to charge the student’s payment method. The amount charged for add-ons is nonrefundable however add-ons amounts are separately shown in student’s transaction history.

Paying Tutor on a Project

Tutors normally create invoice once the work is completed and shared on the workspace to the student.

  • If student is satisfied with the work provided by the tutor, then student can release funds from SolutionInn to the tutor within 15 days after the invoice is created or the work was last shared by tutor on workspace. If a student forgets to release payment after receiving the work, SolutionInn has the right to release payment to tutor on 15th day after the work was last shared on workspace.
  • If student is not satisfied with the work, then student can raise a dispute against the tutor within 15 days after the work was last shared on the workspace.

Note: In case a dispute is raised within 15 days after the work shared by tutor, SolutionInn will hold the amount until the dispute is resolved.


SolutionInn is obliged to follow Default Payment Instructions and make certain that the funds remain available for users according to the terms and conditions. However, SolutionInn cannot be held responsible for funds in case of any unfavorable conditions and circumstances which are beyond our control.