Consider the following logic variables for a car:M = “the

Consider the following logic variables for a car:

M = “the motor is running”

Db = “the driver’s seat belt is fastened”

In the early 1970s the government ordered all seat belt warnings to be tied to the motor in a manner expressed by the following sentence: “If the driver’s seat belt is not fastened, then the motor cannot be running.”

a. Write a logic equation for M in terms of Db that expresses this sentence.

b. Write a truth table for that logic equation.

(In practice, this seat belt light logic caused problems. Think of trying to open a manual garage door or pick up the mail from a driveway mailbox. The government soon retreated from an aroused public.)


Consider the following logic variables:
A = “a customer at a restaurant orders an alcoholic beverage”
I = “the customer shows proper identification”
M = “a customer at a restaurant is over 21”


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