The ledger of Armour Lake Lumber Supply on July 31,

The ledger of Armour Lake Lumber Supply on July 31, 2020, includes the selected accounts below before adjusting entries have been prepared.

Credit Debit Notes Payable Supplies Prepaid Rent Buildings Accumulated Depreciation-Buildings $ 20,000 $ 24,000 3,600 25

An analysis of the company€™s accounts shows the following.
1. The notes payable pays interest at a rate of 6% per year.
2. Supplies on hand at the end of the month totaled $18,600.
3. The balance in Prepaid Rent represents 4 months of rent costs.
4. Employees were owed $3,100 related to unpaid salaries and wages.
5. Depreciation on buildings is $6,000 per year.
6. During the month, the company satisfied obligations worth $4,700 related to the Unearned Services Revenue.
7. Unpaid maintenance and repairs costs were $2,300.

Prepare the adjusting entries at July 31 assuming that adjusting entries are made monthly. Use additional accounts as needed.


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