A 6-cm-diameter 13-cm-high canned drink ( = 977 kg/m 3 , k = 0.607 W/m K, c p =


A 6-cm-diameter 13-cm-high canned drink (ρ = 977 kg/m3, k = 0.607 W/m · K, cp = 4180 J/kg · K) initially at 25°C is to be cooled to 5°C by dropping it into iced water at 0°C. Total surface area and volume of the drink are As = 301.6 cm2 and V = 367.6 cm3. If the heat transfer coefficient is 120 W/m2·K, determine how long it will take for the drink to cool to 5°C. Assume the can is agitated in water and thus the temperature of the drink changes uniformly with time.
(a) 1.5 min

(b) 8.7 min

(c) 11.1 min

(d) 26.6 min

(e) 6.7 min

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