Obtain Nestls 2017 annual report using the Investor Relations portion of its website (do a web search


Obtain Nestlé’s 2017 annual report using the “Investor Relations” portion of its website (do a web search for Nestlé investor relations).

1. What was the total amount of intangible assets that Nestlé reported at the end of 2017, and what was the amount of each component?
2. What is the value of Nestlé’s intangible assets (other than goodwill) with an indefinite life?
3. Does Nestlé capitalize its R&D costs related to new products? Why or why not?
4. Compute the estimated average useful life of the intangible assets with a finite life.
5. Did Nestlé report any impairments of intangible assets? If so, provide a brief discussion of what the impairment related to and its amount.

Intangible Assets
An intangible asset is a resource controlled by an entity without physical substance. Unlike other assets, an intangible asset has no physical existence and you cannot touch it.Types of Intangible Assets and ExamplesSome examples are patented...
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