Refer to Data Set 15 Presidents in Appendix B. Treat the data as a sample and find


Refer to Data Set 15 “Presidents” in Appendix B. Treat the data as a sample and find the proportion of presidents who were taller than their opponents. Use that result to construct a 95% confidence interval estimate of the population percentage. Based on the result, does it appear that greater height is an advantage for presidential candidates? Why or why not?

Data Set 15: Presidents 

Data are from 38 presidents of the United States (first five rows shown here). Presidents who took office as the result of an assassination or resignation are not included. AGE is age in years at time of inauguration. DAYS is the number of days served as president. YEARS is the number of years lived after the first inauguration. HEIGHT is height (cm) of the president. HEIGHT OPP is the height (cm) of the major opponent for the presidency 

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