Redo Problem 12.3 using Coyle and Castellos methods for estimating both Q p and Q s .


Redo Problem 12.3 using Coyle and Castello’s methods for estimating both Qp and Qs.

Problem 12.3

A 500 mm diameter and 20 m long concrete pile is driven into a sand where γ = 18.5 kN/m3 and ϕ' = 32°. Assuming δ' = 0.7ϕ' and K = 1.5 Ko, determine the loadcarrying capacity of the pile, with a factor of safety of 3. Use Meyerhof’s method [Eq. (12.18)] for computing the point load carrying capacity Qp, and use Eqs. (12.42) and (12.43) for computing the load-carrying capacity of the pile shaft Qs.

Eq. (12.18)

Q, = Apq'N, s A,qi

Eq. (12.42)

L' ≈ 15D

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