St. Matthews is a small community non-profit hospital that

St. Matthews is a small community non-profit hospital that cares for mostly the aging population in the area and funding is currently provided by a variety of government, not-for-profit and religious organizations, as well as individuals. A recent think-tank report shows that many elders are falling through the cracks of receiving quality care. Also, the neighboring town’s Medicaid population has now flooded the ER at St. Matthews.

The CEO is preparing for the meeting with the Hospital’s Board of Directors. He needs information about the financial status of the hospital to make recommendation to improve care and the level more money to keep business running smoothly.

What department and who (job title(s) would the CEO contact? Please explain why and what information the CEO may request.

Does this hospital have stockholders? Why or Why not?

Who do you believe has a vested interest in St. Matthews? (Multiple Answer)

What activities or actions from the finance department may be able to assist the CEO and the Board of Directors? Provide at least 3.

Based on the narrative provided, what would you recommend as a method for the hospital to raise funds?

Please submit at least a two-paragraph explanation on how you would approach St. Matthew’s business status and issues, using the information provided and the virtual lecture/textbook to support your recommended course of action.

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